7 min. read

The 21 best StumbleUpon alternatives of 2022

Are you missing StumbleUpon? Here you can find the 21 best alternatives for the famous Web 2.0 website.

5 min. read

Why I have chosen to rewrite one of my Projects from Scratch

Game Quotes is one of my oldest projects and in early 2021 I decided to pull the plug on the old version and rebuild the complete website.

3 min. read

7 things to consider before starting to refactor Code

Refactoring code isn't easy. Here are 7 things to consider before starting to refactor any code.

4 min. read

A List of all my favorite RSS Feeds

Inspired by a Tweet of David McKay, I decided to put together a list of my favorite blogs and magazines, consumable via RSS feeds.

3 min. read

Laravel: Why eager-loaded relations weren't working in unit tests

I just had an issue with eager-loaded relations not working in unit tests. Here's how I solved the issue.

5 min. read

My Predictions for the Technology of the 2020 decade

With the end of 2019 closing the 2010 decade, it's time to think about the future decade: 2020.

4 min. read

A deeper look into PHP Hash Algorithms

After my first post about the current status of PHP Hash Algorithms, I did another update of the code and dived a little bit more deeper into the matter. Here are the results.

3 min. read

PHP Hash Algorithms in Detail

Aren't you curious about all the different algorithms available for PHP's hash() function? Search no further, I have you covered.

3 min. read

Be careful with Docker port binding

In a recent security incident I learned that you have to be very careful with binding port on your Docker setup.

4 min. read

Daily struggles with Selects

Working with select elements in forms is hard if you have dynamic inputs or large lists to choose from - or simply want to load options from the backend.