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Real Time User

A user counter for your website - in real time.

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Highly accessible modal windows as a plugin.

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Easily create styleguides without a hassle.

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Jumpstarting any Laravel app with Laracogs

The CRUD builder looks awesome! More features: notifications, complete bootstrap, form maker and billing with Cashier.

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Searching for a good class name?

What about `NonblockingServerMarshaller` or `RecursiveMemoryHandler`?

1 min. read costs about $ 18k per month

Crew, the company behind Unsplash, wrote a large article with all the details about the costs.

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Some fresh ideas for logins, menus and other stuff

Need some fresh ideas for logins, menus and other stuff? Take a look at this Smashing Magazine compilation of Codepen stuff.

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Stop feeling dumb about pairing fonts

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Program little games with CSS only

Una Kravets explains how to use counter-increment, counter-reset and checkboxes to make little games with CSS.