4 min. read

The Tradefinder

A web tool to find the most profitable trades between two merchants. Perfect for gamers.

5 min. read

My Predictions for the Technology of the 2020 decade

With the end of 2019 closing the 2010 decade, it's time to think about the future decade: 2020.

8 min. read

Why exclusive Game releases are bad for Publishers

More publishers release their games exclusively on one platform - and lose a lot of money with that. So I built a calculator for this.

1 min. read announces Indie Valley

A new game publishing and key selling service for small developers.

1 min. read

Fallout 4 Power Armor Helmets

A wallpaper pack based on the Fallout 4 Power Armor helmets artwork made by me.

1 min. read

The Temple of No

A free game by the game developer of "The Stanley Parable"

1 min. read

Bethesda's Hard Drive

Noticed something weird on the startup screen of Bethesda's E3 preview...

1 min. read

The Crabbox 9000

Valve's new gaming console

1 min. read

The new Nvidia GTX 1080

More computing power than the Titan X but consume far less Watts.

1 min. read

Never trust the client

Very interesting article about the mechanics behind competitive multiplayer FPS games.