Automatically generating Oh my ZSH theme screenshots

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Oh my ZSH is one of the more popular alternatives to the basic Bash shell. It provides a lot of useful functions to speed up your work with the shell. To complete the package, the shell also offers themes, which alter the way the shell looks like and which output it shows. The corresponding wiki page contains more than 100 themes which are actually built-in right now into Oh my ZSH.
The “problem”: you can’t easily compare all those themes because the screenshots differ too much to have at least a little bit of objective view on them. I tried to solve that.

Mass-Generation of Screenshots

Automation is the only possible way to generate this mass of screenshots without spending weeks on it. Thankfully macOS ships with Automator, a handy tool for automating tasks. I used the tool to build up a simple work flow that helped me generating 131 screenshots for almost all built-in themes.

Screenshot of the robbyrussel theme


👉 Download the script here
👉 Repository with sample files: Kovah/oh-my-zsh-theme-test

Terminal test setup

All screenshots were generated with the standard macOS application with all settings set to the default ones. The only significant change is the font. I used Fira Code at 13pt size to enable advanced support for some themes which use special characters for their look and feel.
All terminal windows have a size of 100x31.

The Automator script

The script contains of the following steps:

  • Ask for the theme name and save it as a variable
  • Launch the Terminal
  • Run an AppleScript which
    • tells the Terminal app to
      • switch to a prepared folder containing some files and with Git initialized
      • re-initialize the shell with the new theme from the variable, by using the ZSH_THEME environment variable
      • Print an escape sequence to clear the Terminal input
      • Print a series of commands to generate output
    • then, sets some variables and paths for the screenshot
    • and finally toggles the screenshot command with the window-only mode enabled.

It’s not much, but it helps to prevent any repeating tasks. At the moment you have to interact with the script twice: once for providing the theme name and once for selecting the Terminal window for the screenshot.

I am pretty sure that there is a way to take screenshots of single windows without user interaction, maybe by using the screenshot command together with x and y coordinates which may be available from the Terminal app window, but I couldn’t make up a solution fast enough, so I went with the manual mode which works too.

The folder with all sample files can be found in this repository. I created this repo to allow other users to generate the exact same screenshots as I did.

New screenshots for Oh my ZSH

Unfortunately, the changes are not live yet. The current maintainer noted in an issue, that some themes have screenshots which show special features or together with a specific color scheme. Completely understandable. For now, the new version of the wiki can be viewed on my fork of the wiki.

I hope that “open sourcing” my workflow will help getting the new screenshots onto the official wiki page. If you would like to propose some ideas for the issue feel free to leave a comment on the issue.


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