The History of the Windows Explorer

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I am using Windows since I was like four or five. My grandma had a very bulky computer which ran DOS at that time. Beside the old NES, that computer was one of the first touch points with Windows, even though I only played Price of Persia on it. My dad bought a PC with Windows 95 on it in the mid 90s, and I can remember being allowed to watch him play Command & Conquer. Got my very own PC not that much later and started fiddling, testing, playing around with the system.

About 20 years later, I am sitting on my desk with my Windows PC on the one side, like a good buddy who never retreats from your side. Despite my heavy macOS usage, I still use it almost daily for gaming and photo editing. I still miss tabs in it, but the Explorer is working and does a good job. Well, something that you likely expect from your OS file browser.

Over at the gekk blog you can find a neat article about the history of the Windows Explorer. Prepare to be a bit nostalgic.


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