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RSS once was the way to gather all the news you are interested in, in one place. Like a Facebook feed, but entirely managed by yourself. Over the past decade I maintained a pretty solid list of feeds for various topics. Inspired by the Tweet of David McKay I decided to publish this list of all the interesting feeds I currently follow and regularly read.

Web Development and the Web

This first section lists magazines, company blogs and personal blogs which cover various topics from internet culture, privacy or server infrastructure to web development without a specific focus.


  • A List Apart
    Kind of must-read for internet culture, best practises, and inclusive design and development.
    Website | Feed
  • CSS Tricks
    Well known magazine for all topics related to the frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, performance and accessibility.
    Website | Feed
  • Codrops Collectives
    The Codrops Collectives has been one of the most valuable resources for inspiration, new tools and great articles from around the web.
    Website | Feed
  • Scotch.io
    They publish a lot of tutorials about frontend stuff, but mostly JS.
    Website | Feed
  • Sitepoint Blog
    A big magazine publishing helpful and valuable articles for a broad range of topics from HTML + CSS, over design and UX, to Wordpress and PHP.
    Website | Feed
  • Smashing Magazine articles
    The Smashing Magazine is a reputable source for news, tutorials and articles about internet culture, web development and web design.
    Website | Feed

Personal Blogs

  • Alex Sexton
    Alex is all-in on JS, covering performance, best practises and programming.
    Website | Feed
  • David Walsh
    Website | Feed
  • Jeff Atwood: Codinghorror
    Jeff, co-founder of Stackoverflow, writes about everything in his mind: technology, the web and hosting.
    Website | Feed
  • Jonathan Snook
    Jonathan is a great guy writing about his experiences as a web engineer.
    Website | Feed
  • Lea Verou
    As a well-known frontend engineer, Lea writes mostly about frontend design and has some intriguing articles about CSS.
    Website | Feed
  • Matt Stauffer
    I am not a listening to his podcast, but Matt publishes plenty articles about his work as a web engineer and maker.
    Website | Feed

Software Engineering and Infrastructure

Not really dedicated to web development, the following blogs and magazines are devoted to software engineering or infrastructure.

  • Etsy: Code as Craft
    Etsy’s blog holds many useful articles about their infrastructure, performance and working on their huge platform.
    Website | Feed
  • Github Blog
    Github not only shares details about its platform but also useful details about version control, programming and the web.
    Website | Feed
  • Martin Fowler
    Martin Fowler is an expert and reputable software engineer, talking about all sorts of topics around coding.
    Website | Feed
  • Netflix Tech Blog
    If interested in highly-scalable infrastructure, the Netflox Tech Blog got you covered.
    Website | Feed
  • Robert C. Martin: Clean Code
    Robert Martin, well known author and speaker, writes about software engineering and best practises.
    Website | Feed
  • The Daily WTF
    The title says it all: daily WTFs from the web, programming and technology.
    Website | Feed

PHP & Laravel

The following blogs are tailored to PHP and the Laravel ecosystem. It’s not much, because a lot of content is covered by the previous list.

  • Free Van der Herten
    As a well-known developer in the Laravel ecosystem, he posts numerous tutorials and articles about his work.
    Website | Feed
  • Jetbrains’ PhpStorm Blog
    The Jetbrains PhpStorm blog is not only interesting for those working with the application, but the monthly PHP Annotated covers the whole PHP universe.
    Website | Feed
  • Laravel News
    A great resource for all people working in the Laravel ecosystem.
    Website | Feed
  • Rob Allen
    Rob writes about his life as a software developer, covering mostly PHP topics.
    Website | Feed

(Web) Design & User Experience

These are some blogs and magazines that focus on design and design resources, instead of the development side. Interesting for those searching for inspiration for their sites or resources like icons, images and interesting new tools.

  • Boxes and Arrows
    Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design.
    Website | Feed
  • Luke Wroblewski
    As a respected product designer, Luke writes about his experiences in the field.
    Website | Feed
  • One Extra Pixel
    If you search for inspiration and helpful resources for design, One Extra Pixel got you covered.
    Website | Feed
  • Webdesignerdepot
    I follow their Popular Design News of the Week for a long time now and discovered many cool tools and articles.
    Website | Feed
  • Webdesign Ledger
    Same as One Extra Pixel, Webdesign Ledger publishes inspiration, trends and resources.
    Website | Feed


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