How to use Vite assets in Laravel Backpack

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I recently started using Backpack for my project. It’s a great admin panel with easy customization. Backpack also allows you to add custom styles and scripts to the admin panel inside the config file:

// config/backpack/base.php
'mix_styles' => [ // file_path => manifest_directory_path
     'assets/css/custom-admin.css' => '',

Switching from Laravel Mix to Vite

Starting with Laravel 9.19, it is possible to use Vite as your asset bundler without much configuration. The migration from Laravel Mix is quite easy, as long as you don’t have a too complicated setup. In my case, I just have one stylesheet, some scripts and one special stylesheet for the admin area.

However, after completing the migration and cleaning up the old Mix files, like the mix-manifest.json file, I got an error while opening the Backpack admin panel:

Mix manifest not found at: /app/public/build/mix-manifest.json

Huh. Backpack tries to load the mix-manifest.json file to inject the correct files into the admin panel. As we don’t use Mix anymore, we have to find another way.

Adding assets built with Vite to Laravel Backpack

Laravel Backpack supports Vite styles natively starting with version 5.3.7. The following changes are not needed anymore.

Up to this point, Backpack does not natively support any assets built with Vite, as is does not use the same manifest structure as Laravel Mix did, so just replacing file names won’t do it. Thankfully, Laravel has a built-in system to overwrite views of third-party packages: the resources/views/vendor folder.

After installing Backpack, your project should already have a resources/views/vendor/backpack folder containing some files, like the sidebar. To be able to add Vite assets, you have to copy one file from the package to your project files:

# do this from the root directory of your project
mkdir -p resources/views/vendor/backpack/base/inc
cp vendor/backpack/crud/src/resources/views/base/inc/head.blade.php resources/views/vendor/backpack/base/inc/head.blade.php
If you are on Windows or want to do it manually: Create the resources/views/vendor/backpack/base/inc directory and copy the file vendor/backpack/crud/src/resources/views/base/inc/head.blade.php into it.

After you copied the head.blade.php file, open it. It should contain a lot of code which controls meta tags and styles loading. In that file, you can add the @vite() Blade tag with your needed files like this:

{{-- Custom admin styles and scripts --}

After customizing the head.blade.php file, uncomment any custom styles and scripts in the config/backpack/base.php file. That’s it. Backpack should now correctly load the specified assets built with Vite.

I created a pull request for Laravel Backpack with the needed changes. If you are interested in this feature, please vote for it.


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