Setapp: Your Mac's Ultimate App Arsenal

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Setapp is shaking things up for Mac users in a big way. It’s like hitting the app jackpot: a one-stop-shop subscription service that gets you full access to a boatload of top-notch apps for a reasonable monthly fee. No more forking out cash for individual apps every time you need a new tool. Setapp hooks you up with everything from productivity boosters to creative suites, and it’s all yours to explore without extra costs sneaking up on you.

What’s so special about Setapp?

The cool thing with Setapp is the convenience. We’re talking over 200 quality apps in one place, ready for the taking. As someone who’s big on getting the most bang for my buck and making sure my Mac is as productive as it can be, I really recommend it to both power users and people just starting with macOS. Setapp’s constantly adding fresh apps to the mix, too, so it feels like there’s always something new to discover.

For macOS beginners, Setapp is a godsend, offering a way to bypass the overwhelming hunt for the ‘right’ apps among the ocean of options available. With this single subscription, new Mac users gain the ability to explore and utilize a vast array of over 200 handpicked apps across various categories. It’s ideal for those still finding their footing, providing an opportunity to test-drive fully-functional applications without committing to outright purchases. Whether it’s to boost productivity, streamline workflows, or unleash creativity, Setapp delivers a treasure trove of options, enabling novices to experiment and find the tools that fit their needs perfectly, all with the simplicity of a unified service.

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Apps I like and use

  • CleanMyMac X - I like to keep my Mac organized and clean. I hate to search for files taking up space and 10GB+ caches. This app fits my needs.
  • Bartender is one of those apps I use for decades. I started using it in 2013 to keep my menu bar clean. A great and useful tool.
  • Of course, there are some developer apps I love to use: TablePlus is like the ultimate database manager with support for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and even redis. Dash is, like Bartender, a long-time favourite; documentation for frameworks and tools in one place. Last but not least: SSH Config Editor. A small but neat little app to manage my SSH credentials and server connections.
  • Setapp also ships with a ton of multimedia apps like Meta for MP3 meta editing, Permute for video conversion or CleanShot X for grat screenshots. You should try all of them.

I’m pretty sure that I will find a few more apps to try and start to love…

I really like Setapp…

Overall, Setapp is much more than a collection of apps. With the ability to dip into different apps without worry, you’re set up for success no matter where your day takes you. Whether you’re a creative professional, a student, or someone who just wants to get the most out of their Apple devices, Setapp feels like it was made just for you.

Want to try it? You can test Setapp one week for free.


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