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I follow the Smashing Magazine for several years now. It was one of the first magazines / blogs I started to read while starting with my web development career. I can remember like it’s yesterday. Drupal 6 was out for some weeks and I started building one of my first sites with it. The Smashing Mag helped me with along my path with interesting articles and helpful resources.

Yesterday they announced the redesign and complete rebuild of their blog. A fresh design and the website now comes as static HTML pages backed by JavaScript to create a progressive web application.

We don’t really have a back-end any more. Instead, static HTML, advanced JavaScript APIs, running as a progressive web app with a service worker in the background and blazingly fast performance — served from a CDN near you.

You can access the new version by using instead of the regular URL.

Notice that the new design is a beta and may contain some bugs.


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