Instagram’s broken Links in the Help Center

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Instagram has fixed the link and now provides a new contact form on the following page:

A couple of weeks ago I first visited Instagram’s Help Center on the search for a form to report an image that violates the “Persönlichkeitsrecht”, a German law that protects a persons rights on pictures that show the person itself. This law is helpful if you want to remove an image of yourself, posted by another user.

After clicking trought a large bunch of help pages, following one link after another, I finally found the correct page that informs about the possibility to report an Image posted on Instagram, that violates your rights. Unfortunately the linked form was not avalailable.

Screenshot of Instagram Help Center with 'page not found' error

Today, the form is still not avilable. But it seems it’s harder to find a way to inform any of the Instagram staff than being killed in a shark attack. However, this topic is extremely important so I tried to find a way to contact Instagram. The following table will show you all tried options from Instagram accounts to Twitter.

Contacted Person Time of Contact Result
@instagramde 2017-09-11 9:49 no answer
@instagram 2017-09-13 3:06 pm no answer
@kevin (Instagram CEO) 2017-09-13 3:16 pm no answer
Tweet to @instagram 2017-09-13 3:24 pm no answer


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