Collection #1


This is the first Collection: a random list of interesting articles, neat websites and cool tools around web development, programming, technology in the broad term, and the internet.

I decided to introduce this content format because I find so mush helpful stuff on the internet which I like to share with others. Instead of having dozens of unrelated Tweets, the Collections will contain the most exciting links I found in the past days or weeks. Collections will not be published on a regular base. This is not a weekly newsletter thingy, but I will share all collections via Twitter and other networks, so make sure to follow me.

DevLorem & CorporateLorem

I have recently rewritten my two tools DevLorem and CorporateLorem in Go. Both offer Lorem Ipsum text generation from the CLI, as a website or as a web api.

GPU.js - GPU accelerated JavaScript

Perform massively parallel GPG computations using GPU.js for Node.js. It provides a graceful fallback to plain Javascript if the GPU is not available.

100% in CSS

The value ‘100%’ does not mean the same for all CSS properties. Amelia Wattenberger did an excellent writeup of all the different meanings for different properties.

this vs. that

this vs. that is a collection of dozens of different concepts in frontend development with detailed explanations of the actual differences between them.


Ever needed to add keyboard shortcuts in your web app? Tinykeys is a <1kb library that helps you with exactly that.

CORS visualized

I spent countless hours on getting CORS right. Lydia Hallie wrote a super helpful article that visualizes how CORS really works.

Webpack: A gentle introduction

You hear a lot how people spent days configuring Webpack. To make your first steps with it easier, read this beginner-friendly guide by Tyler McGinnis.


We all used at least once to share a piece of code the fancy way. Now there is Snippetshot, a great alternative to Carbon.


Typeculator is a helpful tool to get the sizing of your headlines just right. It calculates the sizes based on the Golden Ratio and provides easy-to-copy CSS snippets in both px and rem.


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