Collection #10


Favicons for 2021

Are SVGs supported? How about iOS and Android? Which sizes are needed for PNGs? Andrey Sitnik answers all essential questions.


Calculate the environmental impact of your website and get tips on how to improve.

Let's Build a Confetti Cannon

A super interesting and fun interactive tutorial by Varun Vachhar on how to build a confetti canon for a website.

It’s not legacy code - it’s PHP

Matt Brown shares details about working with PHP at Vimeo, one of the largest video platforms in the world.

Are Websites Adding To Consumer’s Health Issues?

Suzanne Scacca explains how websites negatively affect their users health by using dark patterns to squeeze every penny out of them.

Practical Introduction to Dependency Injection

A beginner-friendly introduction to dependency injection, without using complex theoretical concepts like SOLID.

Github Wrapped 2020

A little late to the new year party, but Github Wrapped 2020 lets you discover what you’ve done in the past year.

Codepen Most Hearted 2020

The collection of the most hearted Codepens of 2020 with some really good pens in it.

Fantasy UIs

A collection of interviews with designers and creative directors about sci-fi or fantasy UIs in movies and video games.

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

Sahil Lavingia shares his story of creating Gumroad, which paid out $175 Million to creators around the world.

Profiling PHP in production at scale

Timo Tijhof shares details about profiling PHP at scale for Wikipedia.


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