Collection #14


Using xDebug with Docker and PhpStorm

A great guide by Matthew Setter on how to properly configure xDebug to work with PhpStorm and Docker.

Unit testing tips by examples in PHP

A fantastic collection of examples for different unit test scenarios in PHP applications.

Glass UI

Glassmorphism is the latest new trend in UI design. This CSS library helps you with getting started right away.

Aurora UI

An excellent extension to Glassmorphism is using natural looking, multi-color gradients. Meet Aurora UI.

Substack's UI and 1Password just cost me $2,023

A horrifying example for autocomplete gone totally wrong.


How good do you know Fonts? Gues the correct font in this little game.

A Deep Dive Into Eleventy

An absolutely great must-read article for everyone starting with the Eleventy static site generator.

Building the world's fastest website analytics

Jack Ellis writes about his database journey for Fathom Analytics.

Inside a viral website

Remember Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal? Then you probably know too.

Cookie Consent Speed Run

Test your skills in rejecting cookies as fast as possible!


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