Collection #15


One Man SaaS Architecture

Anthony Simon shares interesting details about his one-man SaaS Panelbear.

SVG Generators

You won’t need any other bookmarks again. This is a full list of SVG generators for every use case.

The cursed Iceberg Meme

A collection of the most scary, interesting or weird things around computer technology.

1Password Secrets Automation

1Password now offers a service to access company secrets inside 1Password from your infrastructure.

Opting out your website out of the Google FLoC network

If you host any website, please opt out of Google’s FLoC network, which intrudes the users privacy.

CSS Container Queries

Container Queries are the next big thing in CSS. Ahmad Shadeed explains how they work.


Natto is a tool for fidgeting with JavaScript. Write and manipulate JavaScript expressions on a spatial canvas.

Web developer's guide to AVIF images

An excellent guide by Darek Kay for developers to support the latest image format on their websites.

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