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Create single-line SVG illustrations from your pictures.

Modern Javascript

A neat collection of what you might missed over the last 10 years of Javascript.

Open Color

Open color is an open-source color scheme optimized for UI like font, background, border, etc.

100 CSS loaders for your next project

If you ever need a CSS loader, take a look at this XXL collection.

DOM Events

A excellent interactive tool to learn and test DOM event propagation.

Save CMD

A service to backup all of your terminal commands and scripts to the cloud.


Unique tool to improve slow web pages based on the Core Web Vitals metrics.

25 Years of CSS

Eric Meyer remembers how CSS kicked off 25 years ago in a conference room in 1996.

Unveiling Material You

Google surprises with the next stage for Material Design.

Is It Time to Reset HTML?

An exploration of the question if HTML should and could be reset.

Boring Avatars

A generator for Avatars. Boring Avatars.


A color gradient generator for the 2021.

Awesome Privacy

A curated list of services and alternatives that respect your privacy because Privacy matters.

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