Collection #19


The PHP Foundation

PHP just got its first foundation which will support the language in moving forward.

Terminal And CLI Tools For Modern Web Development

A great up-to-date collection of apps and CLI tools specifically for modern web development.


Browse beautifully designed Tailwind CSS UI Blocks grouped into Collections.

How I made Google’s data grid scroll 10x faster

Sometimes it’s the little things: Johan Isaksson made Google’s data grid scroll fast with 1 line of CSS.

What If Phones Were Actually Designed for Hands?

Christopher Butler explores the reasons for phone design of the modern age, compared to devices like the first iPod.

Despite Its Critics, jQuery Forges Ahead

Remember jQuery? Yeah, it’s been a while since I used it, too. But it’s still under active development.

Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets

A great collection by Christian Heilmann with useful tips and tricks for working with the developer console.


Share interesting stats about your project activity, from code to issues, and let everyone see the top contributors.

How do they make browser games nowadays?

Alexander Saltykov shares the first part of his series about browser game development.

You Probably Don't Need Media Queries Anymore

Kathryn Grayson Nanz shares some great tips and tricks regarding flexbox and grid, leaving media queries out completely.


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