Collection #2


What Web Designers need to know about SEO

An interview with Edwin Toonen of Yoast SEO with helpful advice about the most important techniques.

Funny Github Actions

A small collection of Github Actions which are either plain stupid, funny, or at least a little bit useful.


A simple way to share small amounts of data with everyone, based on simple Curl commands.

The Need for Speed

Short article with some details about why internet speeds improve, but webpage speeds have not improved over time.

From a legacy PHP app to Laravel

Andrew Morgan shares details on how to migrate a legacy PHP application to Laravel.

The content-visibility CSS property

The Chrome team announces support for content-visibility, a new CSS property that will improve page rendering times.

CSS Grid solutions for common layout problems

Feeling lost with CSS Grids? This short article gives you a rough idea on how powerful Grids can be when solving common layout problems.

Node Modules at War: CommonJS vs ES Modules

Modern JS is hard to master. Dan Fabulich writes about the differences between CommonJS and ES Modules to help you understand their usage.

macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you a fellow macOS user? Then this Keyboard Shortcuts page is a must-read for you.

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