Collection #20

PHP 8.1

It’s there: the next big release of the PHP programming language.

Is my cat Turing-complete?

Chloé Lourseyre tries to find out if her cat Peluche is Turing-complete.

Advent of Code 2021

Eric Wastl at it again: practise programming with the best coding challenges of the year.

Modern PHP

A to-the-point summary of all awesome PHP features.


Create code examples that actually run in your browser.


A neat website to learn Regex. It’s easier than you think.

How JavaScript engines achieve great performance

A deep dive of Robin Heggelund Hansen into the performance handling of JS engines.

Parallax Powered by CSS Custom Properties

Jhey Tompkins explains how to implement parallax with CSS properties.

Mesh Gradients

A hand-curated collection of beautiful mesh gradients.


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