Collection #23


Cloud Native Interactive Landscape

An incredibly helpful map with all the popular tools of the Cloud Infrastructure business.

Make Beautiful Gradients

Josh explains how to create CSS gradients that don’t contain greyish colors in between.

A Small Guide for Naming Stuff in Front-end Code

Frank Taylor has put together an superb guide for naming things to make your code more understandable and cleaner.

Losing our product to button syndrome

From interfaces wildly crammed with features, to clean and usable tools: this article explains feature bloat and how software evolves to become cleaner.

Awesome Tech Blogs

A collection of awesome blogs on various tech topics.

Parcel CSS

A new CSS parser, compiler, and minifier written in Rust.

Building a Scrollable and Draggable Timeline with GSAP

Learn how to build a scrollable and draggable horizontal timeline using GSAP’s ScrollTrigger and Draggable plugins.

How my website works

Brian Lovin explains how his beautiful website works. A fantastic writeup with insights of the various technologies.

The story of the fight to archive the internet

Brewster Kahle, the internet’s chief librarian, explains why the Internet Archive is under threat.


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