Collection #24

Open Subscription Platforms

With everyone getting into subscriptions, itโ€™s never been more important to be in control of your customer data.

Gorillas: Special offer - unicorn slices, 150g

Data breach at Gorillas. Uh oh. Great investigative journalism article of the Zerforschung team with in-depth details.

Code Captcha

Code Captcha lets you hide web links behind a mini-coding challenge.


Whatcha doing in a browser? You can try out our newest stuff right from the CLI.

The baseline for web development in 2022

A great overview on the baseline for performance and accessibility for creating new websites.

In Defence of the Boring Web

A website doesn’t have to use React + Redux + Webpack + [insert hyped tech]. It can just be boring. Boring is cool.

Tech debt gets worse before it gets better

You throw all stuff on the floor before putting it back to the correct place. Sounds familiar? It’s the same with cleaning up tech debt.

How to avoid layout shifts caused by web fonts

An outstanding guide by Simon Hearne on avoiding layout shifts caused by web fonts.

Git History

Quickly browse the history of files in any git repo.

Generate static sites from Markdown files with Caddy

Yes really, you can serve Markdown files as websites with Caddy. This tutorial explains how.


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