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AI’s 6 Worst-Case Scenarios

Who needs Terminators when you have precision clickbait and ultra-deepfakes?

Self-obfuscating value objects

Value objects wrap a primitive value for better use with higher-level concepts like equality versus equivalency.

The Most Popular Front-end Frameworks in 2022

A great summary of all the frameworks you might need, up to date for 2022.

Design: #noFramework

A great write-up by Jérôme Beau on building a web application without any framework.

Pair Programming Antipatterns

Pair programming is great if done right. These are some antipatterns to avoid.

New CSS Features In 2022

Michelle Barker shares all the new interesting stuff CSS will get in 2022.

Type a shell command and explains what’s happening.


Huemint is an awesome color scheme generator for brands, web apps or graphic design.

MDN Design Refresh

You might already noticed that: the MDN got a fresh paint last week.

Web Animation Performance Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide on how to make your web pages look smooth.


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