Collection #3



Be more productive by using Plop to generate boilerplate code for almost any application you code.

Docker introduces Image Retention

Starting in November, Docker start image retention policies which delete inactive images after some time.


Wouldn’t it be cool to query your Git commit history with SQL? Like select min(author_when) from commits? Try Askgit.

Enterprise UI

Things you can learn from the UI-research done by enterprise companies.

Wordpress 5.5

A new large version of wordpress is out. Carlo Daniele outlines all new features and highlights the most imporant changes.

How I structure my CSS

Feeling lost with your CSS organization? Matthias Ott shares his approach on organizing the styles for his projects.


You really had this moment when you wanted to showcase a website or app on a device. Previewed helps you with exactly that.


Easily create isometric diagrams of networks and IT infrastructure, for presentations, documentation and illustrations.

Tools for PHP development

Jascha Silbermann shares all possible ways to develop PHP applications on your local computer, with their pros and cons.


Khroma uses AI to generate color combinations based on your personal preferences. Pick some favorite colors and get started.


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