Collection #4


CSS: Using brightness() to highlight content

Rick Strahl explains how to use the brightness() filter in CSS to generically highlight content, like links or buttons.

How Fathom handled 10 million users

Jack Ellis talks about how Fathom, the Google Analytics alternative, handled a traffic spike with millions of users.

Dialects in Code

Dialects describe on how the same programming language is used in radically different ways by different people.


Learn the CSS flexbox feature by playing tower defense using flexbox to position your turrets.

Unix Timestamp 1600000000

Did you know that we recently hit the 1600000000th unix timestamp milestone?

Read me

An excellent guide by Readymag to improve readability of articles and written web content.

The AVIF image format

Do you know the AVIF image format? You should. It cut image sizes in half, compared to JPEG and WebP.

Scrollbar Blindness

If developers mostly use macOS, this can be a serious problem for users: when scrollbar-blindness kicks in.

Civilization VI UI in the browser

Sarkis rebuilt the Civilization VI UI in the browser, using only the no-code tool Webflow.


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