Collection #5


Github CLI 1.0

Github released the first stable version of its command line tools with a ton of features for all sort of actions on Github repositories.

Vue.js 3.0

The next major version of Vue.js was released earlier this month. Evan You shares details about it in this YouTube video.

Cloudflare x Internet Archive

Cloudflare is now populating and using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine in its content distribution network application

You Really Don't Need All That JavaScript, I Promise

Stuart Langridge talks about all that Javascript that piles up in the browser and gives reasonable alternatives to using JS.

83 box-shadow Examples

In this big list CSS Scan collects 83 examples for beautiful, weird or smart box shadows you can use right in your next project.

The Wikipedia is getting a new look

A long time after the mobile version of the Wikipedia got a fresh design, the desktop version of it now finally gets its new look.

Wave Share

You can transfer files across devices using sound now. Yeah, really. Take a look.

Deleting 900 million records in MySQL

The team of Flare show how to delete 900 million records in MySQL without shooting yourself in the foot


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