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Programming with your Voice

Programming by using only your Voice? Serenade makes this possible for a few programming languages, including Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Monitor your scheduled tasks

Freek van der Herten explains why and how you should monitor you scheduled tasks and jobs in Laravel applications.

Refactoring PHP

Refactoring applications can be a huge pain, but it doesn’t has to be like that. Christoph Rumpel shares some tips.

Accessibility Resources

The Accessibility Resources is a list of more than 200+ hand-curated accessibility tools, articles, case studies, assistive technologies and standards.


Shapez is an open source version of the popular Factorio game, playable in your browser.

Blacklight Analysis

You can use Blacklight to find out anything privacy-related about a website, from analytics trackers to session recordings.

Laravel: The complete Auth Scaffolding Guide

Samuel Štancl compiled a huge guide about the current authentication scaffolding solutions for Laravel 8.

It depends

There’s a good reason why experienced devs say ‘it depends’ so often. Jerod Santo explains why.

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