Collection #7

Sanitize third-party content with vanilla JS

How to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks by sanitizing third-party content using just vanilla JavaScript.

Using light color schemes

Brent explains why using a lighter color scheme for your editor of choice may be better - backed by science.

Monetizing Open Source

There isn’t just donations to monetize your open sourc project. Here are 19 ways to get paid for your work.

Hands-free Coding

In the last collection I shared an article about programming with your voice, this extends it by using dictation and eye tracking.

Creativity x Machine Learning

Emil shares art created by using Machine Learning.

Email Templates

Every developer hates creating email templates. This is a collection of templates for various occasions you can use in your next project.


A CSS stylesheet you can drop right into your project to quickly highlight any accessibility concerns.

PHP Faker

Eric shares details about the latest changes around the very popular Faker library, used by thousands of developers around the world.

Composer 2.0

This is worth a extraordinarily highlighted release: Composer 2.0 was released.

Laravel Responsable classes

Sometimes your controllers can get rather large. Have you ever considered moving some of that complexity out into a dedicated response class?


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