Overengineering at it's best

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You may heard about that TSA Line Assistant app (that shows a random left or right pointing arrow) that costs about 300k dollars which were paid by US tax payers. And someone just released an open source version at tsa.arik.io. Well, very nice app but if you look at the source code that small app just makes you angry. Also pointed out in the Hackernews comments, the assets for the app begin with bower_components/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css and also load jQuery and Bootstrap’s Javascripts. And that’s not all. The dev loaded the whole Fontawesome library for TWO FOUR icons!

The page has an overall size of 300kb. Which is okay for a normal Wordpress blog with some images on it. But not for a website that simply shows a left or right pointing arrow that changes on click. The assets must be app.min.css and app.min.js with an overall size of less than 40-50kb.


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