Everything the Game - A short review

Everything the Game - A short review

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Ever wanted to become a Hamburger, dancing around in an world filled with giant wheat plants? Or want to listen to a depressed Trumpet that would like to commit suicide but could not find someone to assist him? Well, here’s your chance!

Everything let’s you literally be everything. Thousands of things, from an electron or a planck length to an entire galaxy, from a penguin to a chess board. From a bacteria to a piece of hair. Imagine something and the chance is high that you will find it in this game. However, be prepared to face some serious philosophical questions about being, the universe and the meaning of life.

For me Everything is one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played. It can be just funny to make a bunch of rocks dance a figure but on the other side it made me think a lot about these philosophical questions I mentioned. This game may not be suitable for everyone but if you just let it come up to you, you may be surprised about it.

Definitely worth its money and a very exiting experience. Go get your copy of this ingenius piece of videogame art from the Steam store or via Kinguin.net.


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