InvoicePlane: New Devs wanted!

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InvoicePlane is a free and open source application for managing your quotes, invoices, payments and clients in one application.

About 2 months ago I talked to Jesse Terry - the original author of FusionInvoice - about the free version of FusionInvoice that disappeared earlier this year. FusionInvoice itself is now a commercial software available at the official website. Jesse decided to transfer the codebase of the free FusionInvoice application to me so I could continue development. I renamed the project to InvoicePlane.

Some days ago I released InvoicePlane v1.0.0 and updated the whole infrastructure around the application: a new website and new forums and the project moved back to GitHub. And now I’m thinking about the future of the project.

Because of the fact that InvoicePlane should be an open source and community-driven software I want to rebuild the community around the application. Therefore I’m searching for any users of the old FusionInvoice app who want to profit of new features and the support of a large community. As I’m not a professional PHP developer and I’m fairly new to CodeIgniter I could need some help with the development of InvoicePlane.


  • you are using the old FusionInvoice app,
  • searching for a new invoicing application,
  • searching for an open source project to participate or
  • you know somebody who could be interested in the project

please take a look at the website or share one of the following links!

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