Some fresh themes to spice up Hacker News

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If you already know Hacker News there’s not much to say, just skip to the Themes section. If you don’t know what Hackers News is: it’s like Buzzfeed but with serious news dedicated to developers, hackers and tech enthusiasts, hosted by YCombinator. It’s one of these sites I visit at least once per day to get some fresh news. The problem is that the site is quite horrible developed with tables and inline-styles and a very basic design. So I decided to use Stylebot, a chrome extension to edit a sites CSS, to apply a new look to HN. You should be able to use the code for the theme with any browser extension that can insert custom CSS into a website, like Userstyles with Stylish.



HN Themes Sky

Get it here


HN Theme Amber

Get it here


HN Theme Celadon

Get it here

Make a theme full-width

All displayed theme screenshots use some additional lines of code to make the whole site full-width which looks quite good on smaller screens. To make your selected theme full width too just copy the following lines and add them at the bottom of your theme.

body {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
table:first-child {
    width: 100%;


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