Collection #3

This is Collection #3, a selection of interesting articles, stunning websites and cool tools around web development, technology and the internet.

9 min. read

Rebuilding my blog as a static site with Hugo

I share some insights about rebuilding this blog, originally based on Wordpress, as a static site with Hugo.

4 min. read

Programmatically add Custom Buttons to the Wordpress TinyMCE Editor

You can add 10 new custom buttons to the Wordpress Richtext Editor (TinyMCE) manually and bloat your functions.php – or you use this dynamic batch-like approach.

3 min. read

Kovah.me - Under the Hood

An article about my new blog and what it's built on: Wordpress and a lot of work.

2 min. read

The problem of finding an open source feature tracking software

An article about how hard it is to manage a project like InvoicePlane and my search for a good feature request tracker.