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Isometric GTA V

Did you played GTA V? If yes, watch this video. If not, watch it too.

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A neat and beautiful SCSS library.

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Need an open source pastebin that can run Code Snippets?

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What happens if you let neural networks colorize grayscale images?

You get colorful images that match the original images very good!

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Greenscreen? Check. VR? Check!

See what's possible if you combine both technologies.

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Searching for a good class name?

What about `NonblockingServerMarshaller` or `RecursiveMemoryHandler`?

1 min. read costs about $ 18k per month

Crew, the company behind Unsplash, wrote a large article with all the details about the costs.

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That's the hell of a PC mod!

A modded Corsair Air 540. Looks awesome!

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Classic Programmer Paintings

There is a Tumblr blog for classic paintings with programming related titles applied to them.

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Testing Vehicle Evolution in your Browser

Create some random vehicles and test how far they can get on. Then let them evolve. Repeat.