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The Odyssey of a PostgreSQL restore

I just wanted to restore the database from a backup I created from my production database...

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Setapp: Your Mac's Ultimate App Arsenal

Transform your Mac with Setapp's all-access pass to 200+ apps.

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The 15 best Dark Mode Desktop Wallpaper from Unsplash

From a collection of 50 Unsplash wallpapers, these are my favourite 15 desktop wallpapers suitable for Dark Mode.

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Automatically generating Oh my ZSH theme screenshots

The wiki page of the Oh my ZSH shell contains more than 100 themes. I tried to generate screenshots for all.

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Rebuilding my blog as a static site with Hugo

I share some insights about rebuilding this blog, originally based on Wordpress, as a static site with Hugo.

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Why exclusive Game releases are bad for Publishers

More publishers release their games exclusively on one platform - and lose a lot of money with that. So I built a calculator for this.

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Stop stressing yourself to death

Over the past months I gradually implemented a solid Docker setup for all private projects. As I think that this stack is quite solid so I want to share it with you.

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Starting into Web Development - A small Guide

A user stated he would like to start into web development and become a full stack developer. I wrote a small guide for him.

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Me, myself and InvoicePlane – 4 Years into Open Source

It’s been almost 4 years since I started the InvoicePlane project. Here are some things I learned about coding, planning, maintenance and project- and community management.

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Watch – A Unix command to tail directories

Watch executes programs periodically, making it perfect for use cases like tailing directories.