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Transactional Emails for Developers: A comparison of 5 providers

Email support is one of the most basic things almost any webservice need. It should work, be reliable and doesn't cost a ton of money.

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Static Site Hosting for small Websites: Vercel vs. Netlify

I recently moved my static sites (including this blog) to Netlify. I later found that Vercel offers a very similar hosting so I decided to compare both services.

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The Ticwatch Pro – First Impressions

After finding the Ticwatch Pro, I was surprised by the specs: modern components, good battery, neat design and the price tag of about 250€ was also pretty pleasing. But one feature really got me.

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Everything the Game - A short review

Ever wanted to become a Hamburger, dancing around in an world filled with giant wheat plants? Or want to listen to a depressed Trumpet that would like to commit suicide but could not find someone to assist him? Well, here’s your chance!

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My Experiences with TigerVPN

I use the TigerVPN service for a couple of months now and want to share my experiences. I also did some speed tests with various connections.