5 min. read

Publishing a static website to the dat:// network

A detailed tutorial about publishing a static website to the dat:// network, a new P2P internet network.

6 min. read

A drop-in Docker stack for PHP apps

Over the past months I gradually implemented a solid Docker setup for all private projects. As I think that this stack is quite solid so I want to share it with you.

3 min. read

Laravel 5: Use Query Caching to make your App really fast

There are several methods to make your Laravel app faster by using caching. Today I want to introduce query caching which reduced the number of database calls to almost zero.

4 min. read

Programmatically add Custom Buttons to the Wordpress TinyMCE Editor

You can add 10 new custom buttons to the Wordpress Richtext Editor (TinyMCE) manually and bloat your functions.php – or you use this dynamic batch-like approach.

1 min. read

CSS: Left-align text if it's using multiple lines

We want to achieve the following behaviour: if a text is centered and becomes aligned left when it files multiple lines.

1 min. read

Change the cursor on your website to an Emoji

Yes, it's possible. Change the cursor to an emoji.

1 min. read

Some fresh themes to spice up Hacker News

I decided to create some themes to spice up the Hacker News site with CSS only that can be used with almost every browser

3 min. read

A small password suggestion generator for Codeigniter

Need a password suggestion generator for your (Codeigniter) app? Look no further, you can find two different approaches in this tutorial

3 min. read

Laravel 5: Localization based on the subdomain

You want to set the locale of your Laravel 5 application based on the visited subdomain? Here is the full tutorial.

4 min. read

A Progress bar for Impress.js

Learn how to easy add a progress bar to your Impress.js presentation with some lines of HTML, CSS and Javascript.