2 min. read

Easy date and time localization with the time HTML element

Did you know there is quite easy way to show localized dates and times on your website without having to do any backend work or guessing the user's locale?

2 min. read

How to use Vite assets in Laravel Backpack

You recently switched from Laravel mit to Vite and want to use these assets in Laravel Backpack? You'll find help here.

3 min. read

How to get all user sessions in Laravel from Redis

If you want to inspect user session data, here's how to get all that data from Redis.

4 min. read

Using Laravel Scout with global query scopes

Properly handle global query scopes while you work with Laravel Scout.

2 min. read

A iOS Shortcuts workflow for LinkAce

Add links to LinkAce from the share menu of your iOS device with the help of this Shortcuts workflow.

4 min. read

Set up wildcard dynamic DNS with Cloudflare on your Synology Diskstation

This guide guides you trough the setup for using wildcard dynamic DNS entries with Cloudflare on your Synology Diskstation

6 min. read

Install YouTrack on Synology Diskstations with Docker

Find out how to install YouTrack by Jetbrains on your Synology Diskstation by using Docker.

1 min. read

How to completely disable version control confirmations in PhpStorm

Usually you are asked if new files should be added to version control in every new project. Here's how to disable the dialogue.

8 min. read

Why and How: Switch from RSA to EdDSA/ED25519 SSH keys

While RSA is still sufficient to work with while connecting to servers, you probably want to switch to EdDSA sooner or later. But probably sooner.

2 min. read

Useful Docker shell aliases

A collection of useful shell aliases for Docker and Docker Compose to speed up the development workflows.