Collection #12


Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant

The GitHub engineering team shares interesting details about the performance optimizations for the Github homepage.

Making password managers play ball with your login form

A great summary on how to properly support password manages in login forms by Hidde de Vries.

Ultimate Laravel Performance Checklist

You can increase the performance of Laravel applications with many small changes. Paras Malhotra shared a checklist to optimize the performance of your application.

JS Minification Benchmarks

There are several tools available to properly minify your JS scripts. This benchmark checks the performance of the most popular tools.

PhpClean - small steps to the perfect code

You can make your PHP code much more readable and consistent with PhpClean, a coding strategy and ruleset, which is available as a plugin for PhpStorm.

ZSH Tricks to blow your mind

The folks of Twilio compiled a list of the best tricks and tipps for the ZSH shell.

The Future of Web Software is HTML-over-WebSockets

The future of web-based software architectures is already taking form, and this time it’s server-rendered (again).

Front-of-the-front-end and back-of-the-front-end

Brad Frost shares the idea of two different layers in frontend web development: the front and back end.


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