Collection #8


Web scraping with JS

Pavel Prokudin shares a workflow to scrape websites using JavaScript and Node.js.

Static Site Generators: Build Times

A neat comparison of basic and advanced static site generators based on their build times.

Avoiding wasteful CSS

Eric Karkovack explains how easy it can be to remove unused CSS from a website and tune performance without affecting your design.

Time to say Goodbye to Google Fonts

No matter what you do, integrating Google Fonts into your website is bad for performance. Consider self-hosting the fonts.

Slowfiles delivers files of any type with a delay, so you can check how your website behaves if resources are loading slowly.

Perceived Performance on the Web

Wikipedia shows how they measured the users’ perceived performance for their page.

Accessible Icon Links

Hugo Giraudel shares best practices for making links with icons accessible.

The Rules of Margin Collapse

The great Josh Comeau explains how margins in CSS work and how to get spacing between elements finally right.

The Web Almanac 2020

In this years annual report, the HTTP Archive combines raw stats and trends with the expertise of the web community.

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