5 min. read

Why Apple may lose its status as a top tech company

Why Apple may lose its status as a top tech company because of missing innovations in the last years while other companies are pushing forward

3 min. read - Under the Hood

An article about my new blog and what it's built on: Wordpress and a lot of work.

3 min. read

Laravel 5: Localization based on the subdomain

You want to set the locale of your Laravel 5 application based on the visited subdomain? Here is the full tutorial.

2 min. read

The problem of finding an open source feature tracking software

An article about how hard it is to manage a project like InvoicePlane and my search for a good feature request tracker.

4 min. read

A Progress bar for Impress.js

Learn how to easy add a progress bar to your Impress.js presentation with some lines of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

2 min. read

InvoicePlane: New Devs wanted!

The InvoicePlane project is searching for new developers and people who generally want to support an open source project.

3 min. read

Customize your GitLab installation

Do you want to customize some parts of your GitLab server? Here's how to do it with some simple steps.

3 min. read

Laravel 4: Localization based on the subdomain

Need to change the application language used by Laravel based on the subdomain? Here's how to achieve it with some simple lines of code.

4 min. read

Install Kandan on Ubuntu 12.04 Server with Apache / Plesk

Follow this tutorial powered by to install the Kandan chat system on your Ubuntu 12.04 server running with Apache / Plesk.