3 min. read

DevLorem: Rewritten from the ground up in Go

Three weeks ago DevLorem was a simple PHP app serving a website. Now the DevLorem is a powerfull CLI tool and web server, available as a single binary for 7 different platforms.

5 min. read

Static Site Hosting for small Websites: Vercel vs. Netlify

I recently moved my static sites (including this blog) to Netlify. I later found that Vercel offers a very similar hosting so I decided to compare both services.

1 min. read

The History of the Windows Explorer

You may use it daily, without even noticing it much: the Windows Explorer. This is about my past with it and an interesting link ti its history.

4 min. read

A List of all my favorite RSS Feeds

Inspired by a Tweet of David McKay, I decided to put together a list of my favorite blogs and magazines, consumable via RSS feeds.

4 min. read

Set up wildcard dynamic DNS with Cloudflare on your Synology Diskstation

This guide guides you trough the setup for using wildcard dynamic DNS entries with Cloudflare on your Synology Diskstation

6 min. read

Install YouTrack on Synology Diskstations with Docker

Find out how to install YouTrack by Jetbrains on your Synology Diskstation by using Docker.

1 min. read

The 15 best Dark Mode Desktop Wallpaper from Unsplash

From a collection of 50 Unsplash wallpapers, these are my favourite 15 desktop wallpapers suitable for Dark Mode.

3 min. read

Laravel: Why eager-loaded relations weren't working in unit tests

I just had an issue with eager-loaded relations not working in unit tests. Here's how I solved the issue.

5 min. read

My Predictions for the Technology of the 2020 decade

With the end of 2019 closing the 2010 decade, it's time to think about the future decade: 2020.

1 min. read

How to completely disable version control confirmations in PhpStorm

Usually you are asked if new files should be added to version control in every new project. Here's how to disable the dialogue.